Click Summit - Testing Tool Integration Awesomeness


In preparation for our Click Summit gathering, here's a few questions I'd love to get everyone's input on...

  • What are you hoping to get out of this session?
  • What's the most useful integration you've done with your Testing Tool?
  • What the one place you'd most like to see an integration with your Testing Tool?
  • What integration sounded cool but was a total waste of time?
  • What do you see as the direction in the industry?
  • What should vendors know about customer requirements?


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Adobe Integrations

I think this will be a valuable session and I'm expecting we'll tackle the full spectrum of integration across multiple vendors and edge cases, but with your Adobe background specifically, I'm also curious to know what new integrations are being worked on in the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.

Icebreaker comment..

Jared's picture

I'm hoping to learn what some easy tricks to integrate testing with already baked SaaS platforms, or how people have solved that.

I'd like to see better ways to re-use segments from across different systems. Our website knows a lot about the visitors that our testing tool may not.