XChange Redux: "In Analytics We Trust"?

trust1_0_0.jpgReading Brooks Bell's Insights From XChange post caused me to contrast the last three years of XChange. Brooks and I both attended the huddle entitled "Testing, Testing, Testing : Building Consensus and Evaluating Results" led by HP's Matthew Wright.

Conversion Rates: How High Is Up?

conversion_rate.jpgIn my role at Intuit colleagues are always asking me what a “good” conversion rate is, what the “average” is, or what ours “should be. If you want people to take action on your data insights, you have to put it within the right context, and the fact is that many business folks don’t have the right context for their conversion rate.

Web Analytics Benchmarking Study - Aug 2008


Here are the results from this year's study. Click on Page 2 below to begin reading the detailed findings.

Thanks to all the companies that participated. The results here are presented in aggregated and by subgroup. There are scores for overall competitiveness as well as scores for each of the four competencies or dimensions probed for within the survey.

Are you an Analytics Competitor?

Obama_Clinton.jpgShortly after Eric Peterson invited me to lead a few of the XChange conference huddles this year, I realized something slightly ironic... We collect tons of data about our customers, but we have far less cold, hard data when it comes to ourselves. In other words, what are the KPIs by which we can benchmark our own analytics practices against similar organizations?

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