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Let's look at how we might redesign this page to increase conversions.

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Firstly, let’s change the “equation”. The value proposition isn’t so much Google Calendar + Zapier, it is Google Calendar and some other tool I’m integrating it with. Zapier is the connection, no? Since the logo mark for Zapier is already a mathematical symbol, it is logical to write the “equation” with the asterisk.

Now, let’s select one of the most popular or readily understandable platforms to integrate with Calendar. Often it is better to teach by example, instead of in the abstract. So let’s try Calendar * Facebook.

Next, let’s give some ideas about why you might actually WANT to integrate these two things together. Help your visitors to visualize the value. Once you give a few examples they will start to think about how they might apply this new power to their home or work.

Choosing Google Calendar and Facebook at the marquee example here gives us a nice opportunity to amp up the signup CTA. You can greatly increase your signups by reducing barriers such as creating a native account. Everyone from whom this marquee example holds weight will have a Google and a Facebook account and so including those as signup options should drive more conversions.

Finally, we get to the “secondary CTA” area of the page. If the Facebook integration is not interesting to the visitor, perhaps there is another tool they might want to integrate Calendar with. However, in the live version of this page, it takes a lot of clicking to hopefully stumble upon an example that might be fitting. If we re-jigger the content a bit we can fit many of the popular tools all onto one screen, and all above the fold. Clicking through on any of these logos would present the visitor with some specific ideas on how it can be integrated with Google Calendar through the magic of Zapier.

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