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Growth Hacking

Here is a really good article by Harvard Business Review on Growth Hacking. (HT to Sarit A. for sending me the article.)

The authors state "The Growth Manager function typically lives at the intersection of marketing and product development..." I completely agree. This also makes it difficult to explain to others what I do. I have always believed the best marketing program is a great product. The rise of the Growth Hacker or Growth Manager (or whatever you call) it is the embodiment of that.

Guy Kawasaki talk at Yahoo on 8/12/2015

I hosted the amazing and engaging Guy Kawasaki as part of the Growth Lecture series I put on at Yahoo. He spoke about social media, startups, Apple and more.

Yu-Kai Chou Talk on Gamification at Yahoo 7/15/2015

I am super impressed with Yu-Kai Chou's deep insights on gaming and the human psyche. Loved his talk and his book. Glad to have hosted him at Yahoo.

Is growth hacking just user acquisition?

Growth Hacking

Is growth hacking just a form of user acquisition? No. But this is fairly common misconception that can take some work to dispel.

First, let’s define acquisition marketing. Organizations typically have one or more user acquisition teams. These professionals are experts in PPC, display, PR, or events etc. You build good user acquisition teams by hiring experts in their respective channels and keeping them focused in that domain.

In contrast, growth hacking is systems thinking with the lens of driving (nearly free) word-of-mouth which in turn will grow your customer base in an exponential fashion. You build good growth teams by hiring good systems thinkers.

Sean Ellis Talk on Growth Hacking at Yahoo 7/8/2015

Sean Ellis of GrowthHackers.com and the guy who coined the term! Great discussion on finding market-fit and more. Sorry for the off-center video. My camera got shifted mid-way and no one was checking it.

Growth Hacking: Useful term or meaningless buzzword?

Growth Hacking

Is growth hacking a useful term? Or just an empty buzzword?

OK, I’ll admit it. I wasn’t a big fan of this term first time I heard of it. It seemed like just another term for user acquisition. Yet, a few years later I found myself accepting the title of Head of Growth at Yahoo. It wasn't entirely due to Sean Ellis' seminal post on the growth hacking. And it's not just because Growth Hacking has its own Wikipedia page now. So what changed? Before getting to that answer, let’s hone in on a definition of Growth Hacking. Which answer (below) do you think defines Growth Hacking?

Top 10 Things Good Managers Do

Your analytics chops have earned you a management role. Congrats! But what makes a good manager?

Excellent managers are hard to come by. If you are fortunate enough to be in a people management role you can help add to the pool of talented bosses. Here’s how.


1. Interviews are a random mess.

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